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The 30a 10k Inc is a non-for-profit organization whose purpose is to serve the community by producing a world-class 10K and related events that raise money to benefit local charities, while promoting health and fitness.

Charities (501c3’s) are invited to apply to be one of the 30A 10K’s 2023 donation recipients.  The 30A 10K will announce the selected charities in May.  Applications are due by April 30. Benefits for the charity partners include:

Financial support from the 30A 10K to assist in the charity’s efforts, as outlined in the application.

  • Connect with the more than 3500 race participants that have a passion for this community
  • Opportunity to use the 30A 10K logo on promotional materials (brochures, ads, t-shirts, etc. – graphic approval by 30A 10K is required)
  • Charity’s logo and website link will be included on the 30A 10K social media and website

The 30a 10k Inc will donate an amount to each charity that is directly proportional to the amount of volunteer hours provided by that charity to the race.

Rules for becoming an official Charity include the following:

  • Each charity must fill a minimum of 40 volunteers slots during packet pickup and race day. The amount of funds disbursed to the Charity will be as follows:

                        Charity fills 40 or more volunteer slots = Charity receives 100% of their allocation

                        Any charity filling fewer than 40 slots will be given funds on a sliding scale calculated as X/40;
                        For example a charity filling 30 slots will be given 30/40 = 75% of their allocation.

  • Charities will provide the 30A 10K with the names, contact numbers and email addresses of their volunteers.
  • The charity must promote the 30A 10K event on their online platforms (social media or email blast) at least once a week from May – November as well as write two stories/blog posts that both the Charity and the Race can promote online.
  • The Charity must provide to the race one story with descriptive photos explaining how partnering with the race will help their cause. This narrative is due by August 1.
  • The Charity must use the funds given by the 30A 10K for the effort as described in the application
  • The charity must be a 501c3
  • A post-event report must be submitted within 60 business days after the event that includes pictures and a description of how the funds were used.
  • Charity Application due by April 30.

Charities are chosen based on the following priorities:

  • Proximity to the race
  • Neediness of the Charity and lack of other sources of funding
  • Ability for the Charity to help support the race through volunteers and marketing efforts.

30A 10K Contact Information:
Tel: 850-835-0404

Charity Applications have closed